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Together We Can Create Miracles!
Animal World USA International 
Weeks for the Animals!
Celebrations taking place around the world. 

Throughout the week animal shelters, humane groups, schools, sanctuaries, libraries, art galleries, colleges, bookstores, places of worship, educational institutions and humane organizations in each participating state or country are participating in inspirational animal-related special events, saving lives changing history. 

Educators, leaders, students, businesses and caring citizens  join in, many planning events and activities to celebrate and help animals.  Animal World USA  works in conjunction with educators and publishing houses to have educational materials and books donated to classroooms and/or libraries. 

Events include adoption fairs, spay/neuter awareness events, shelter beautification days, R.E.A.D. dog programs in libraries, law seminars, musical concerts, walks for the farm animals, therapy dogs visiting hospitals and nursing homes and so much more!

Also included are animal law events, cat initiatives, salutes to our K-9 animals and working dogs, educational programs at the sanctuaries, blessings for the animals, book signings and fun-filled festival days for families to come and enjoy food, music and the amazing animals!

Become Involved!  Contact us now, and we'll begin working on the week in your area,  help you connect to other animal lovers and leaders right in your community. Together we can begin planning a Week for the Animals in your own state or country. History is changed immediately with our collective energy coming together. 

For us to start planning a Week for the Animals in your state or country, please see 'Contact Us' page.  
Together we can grow the greater good !

See Animal World USA website Become Involved page.

Animal World USA International